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Israeli Hats

Israel Hats are basically Bucket Hats which are also known as the Kova Tembel. Israeli Hats are dome shaped caps that are made of four triangular panels. The crown of the Israeli Hats is made up of these four. A rim is stitched all around the hat in parallel rows. Israeli Hats date back to the start of the Israeli war of Independence. It was used by Israeli soldiers to protect them from the hot sun. The Israeli Defence Forces uses the Israeli Hats or Kova Tembel till this day. Israeli Hats have become a national symbol. And their popularity keeps on escalating as more and more people are wearing them for their comfort. People also wear Israeli hats to show their pride and respect for the Israeli army, with whom these hats were originally associated. Israeli Hats are also high on their stylish, fashionable and cool statement and not to mention their utility. The popularity of Israeli Hats has spread far and wide. And its not only Jews or Israelis who sport these hats, but also people from all around the world.

Israel Hats are a good gifting option and they will be used

Israel Hats make great gifts because of their utility factor. Unlike lots of gifts, Israeli hats can actually be used, they are useable. Their stylish and trendy image makes them a cool gift. Israeli Hats are something that will definitely be praised when someone receives them.

Israeli Hats can be worn anywhere and at anytime

You can wear Israeli Hats to the market, on public transportation, for style, for comfort, on the beach, while walking down the street and even inside the house to keep your hair in place! There is definitely no dearth of places where you can wear Israeli hats.

Israel Hats can be worn in any season

One of the best parts about buying Israeli Hats is that they can be worn during any season. Israeli hats can protect you from the sun when it is too hot, from extreme cold weather and can also help in keeping your hair dry when it rains a bit. Israeli Hats also can be used in the summers as a substitute for fishing hats, outdoor hats and straw hats. Another advantage of wearing Israeli Hats is that they can protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Israeli hats are a good bet throughout the year and are quite accommodating to any type of weather. No wonder that Israeli Hats are so popular.

Israel Hats are quite affordable

Visit our website for a great range of Israeli hats. We have different types of Israeli Hats with numerous kinds of designs and logos on them. The best part about our Israeli Hats is that they are extremely affordable and are available at a low cost. However, we do not compromise on the quality. It is ensured that all Israeli Hats sold from our website are of the best quality possible.

We deal in numerous types of Israeli Hats

You will find a plethora of choices when it comes to Israeli Hats, on our website. We have Israeli Hats made from nylon, canvas, denim and cotton. There are different varieties even in cotton such as cotton twill, 100% washed cotton etc. Other styles of Israeli Hats include safari style Israeli Hats, Zipper Pocket Israeli Hats, pigment-dyed Israeli hats, normal dyed Israeli Hats, pigment dyed Israeli Hats etc.

We also ensure that the style of Israeli Hats vary a bit according to the gender of the wearer. For women, Israeli Hats that come in embroidered sun, denim and flower designs are popular.

We make customized Israeli hats

Our customers can select the size and color of the Israeli Hats and specific embroidery and print positions such as left side, right side, back, centre, front or all sides. Customers can further select personalized text, thread color, font faces etc that are to be used in the Israeli Hats. The right combination of style, color, fabric, comfort and design make Israeli hats a qualitative product.

Our website is one of the biggest suppliers of Israeli Hats

You too can make a cool fashion statement with our exclusive range of Israeli Hats. Visit our website for a wide display of Israeli hats in numerous colors and designs. We can proudly say that you won’t be disappointed with our collection and neither will you see such a large range of Israeli Hats in so many different types on any other website. All you have to do is click on the Israeli Hats that you like, and it will be easily and smoothly delivered to your house.

So make the most of Israeli Hats whether to keep the hot and harmful rays of the sun from your face or to show respect and solidarity for the Israel Defense Forces!


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